Elite Cuisine Egg Cooker Review

All about the Elite Cuisine Egg Cooker

  • Cooks 7 eggs at a time
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Highly durable

If you’re looking for a reliable egg cooker that is not only efficient in cooking your eggs but is also durable, sturdy, and a high quality kitchen appliance, this might be the one for you.

You can cook up to 7 eggs at once using this cooker, and you can make them into soft, medium, or hard boiled depending on how much water you pour into the cooker.

Elite is a well known brand that has a number of other kitchen appliances such as pressure cookers and sandwich makers.

The Elite Cuisine Egg cooker is a versatile unit not only allowing you to cook boiled eggs but also allows you to also poach eggs and make omelets.

Elite Egg Cooker Features

  • Capacity for 7 Boiled Eggs
  • 7  x 5.5  x 6.75 inches
  • Weighs 1.25 lbs
  • Built-in cooking timer
  • Auto-off
  • Clear cover
  • Measuring cup
  • Easy to use
  • Quick
  • No mess
  • Capacity for 7 eggs

Elite Egg Cooker Features

The Elite egg cooker weighs in at just 1.25 lbs which makes it easy to move around on a kitchen worktop when you need the space for something else. And its easy to pick up and move onto shelf in a cupboard.

The unit is also very compact measuring in at 7  x 5.5  x 6.75 inches, which ensures it does not take up valuable retail space in the kitchen.

The unit is available in a number of colors that will help you to make it fit into your kitchen ‘s style, color options include; red, teal, black, green, white and stainless steel.

When you open the box you will find the base, a clear lid, omelet tray, egg poacher tray, measuring cup and egg tray.

The measuring cup comes with a series of measures on it that allows you to accurately measure the amount of water need to cook the eggs to your desired consistency.

Can you poach eggs?

The poached egg tray is split in half allowing you to cook a maximum of 2 poached eggs at any time.

The unit comes with a large sized omelet tray that will allow you to cook up to 3 full sized eggs with whatever toppings you enjoy.

The lid is clear so its easy for you to see the eggs being cooked, and for some people its the most enjoyable part of the process.

On the front of the cooker you will find a centrally located automatic shut-off indicator light that will light up during a cooking cycle and will let a user check to see when the cooking cycle is finished.

What’s it like to use?

The egg cooker is very easy to operate, can be switched on with a single button and is able to turn itself off automatically.

The cooker will also notify you of the eggs being ready with a buzzer. This means that you do not have to wait and watch your eggs while they’re being cooked.

The cooker also offers separate trays for making poached eggs and omelets, which will give you versatility in your breakfast options.

The Elite cooker can cook a variety of different egg dishes from boiled to poached. Before you start cooking check that you have all the parts you need and ensure that cooker is sitting on a clean and dry surface.

Before you fill the base remove the clear lid and any of the trays that are sitting in the cooker. You will get three different trays with this unit; poacher egg tray, omelet tray and egg tray.

Based on the type of egg you want to prepare you will use the measuring cup to measure the correct amount of water. This is easy to do using the measuring lines on the side of the cup.

How much water should you use?

The amount of water you use is determined by the amount of eggs you are going to cook.

In terms of the water you use, in the manual it recommends using distilled water since tap water will contain minerals that may be deposited onto the surface of the heating plate.

If you don’t have distilled water on hand then you may need to use white vinegar to remove any of these mineral deposits after a cooking cycle.

Pour the measured water onto the heating plate. If you cooking boiled eggs then place the egg tray over the unit’s base.

You will then need to place the desired number of eggs onto the egg tray. before dong so rinse the eggs and use the piercing pin on the underside of the measuring cup to make a small hole on the top side of the egg.

Ensure the side of the egg with the hole is placed facing upwards.

Place the lid onto the base and then press the power button on the front of the base. Once the water has evaporated the unit will power off and the indicator will turn off.

As soon as this happens remove the eggs from the base using the egg tray and rinse under cold water to prevent over cooking.

When cooking poached eggs or omelets you would place the respective trays on top the egg tray during a cooking cycle.

Wrapping up with the Elite Egg Cooker

If you’re fed up of having to boil water and set timers then the Elite Egg Cooker could be the appliance for you. Y

With it being capable of preparing a variety of egg dishes from boiled eggs, poached eggs and omelets it will help to replace a number of other appliances helping to save valuable cupboard space, prep time and money.

The Elite Cuisine Egg Cooker will be one most useful kitchen gadgets you could own. It is compact and versatile preparing easy to peel boiled eggs. And with a maximum capacity of 7 boiled eggs it would easily cook for a small to large family.