Our menu choices offer you a wide variety of styles and flavors from around the globe to choose from.

Choose from packages of either 6, 12, or 15 exciting entrees to take home with you. Each meal feeds 4 to 6 people.

15 entrees - $220.00
12 entrees - $180.00
6 entrees - $99.00

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Wonderful rice, vegetable and potato side dishes are available. New: Fettuccini and Cabernet Orzo.
We sell bread that goes from your freezer to your oven that you can serve warm and delicious & cold press olive oil.
* Please ask about our organic options
* All entrees can be split into 2 portions

Chicken Cordon Bleu:
A K2K family favorite with a twist on a traditional version. Chicken Breasts topped with ham, Swiss cheese, and a creamy sauce and then topped with breadcrumbs. Cal: 395/Fat: 19gm/Carbs: 8gm/Points: 9 / 5 servings

Chicken Chardonnay: White wine cream sauce tossed over tender chicken and mixed with carrots, celery, mushrooms and red peppers. Cal: 407/Carbs: 13gm/Fat: 25gm/Points: 10 / 5 servings

Chicken Tortillas: Seasoned chicken and cheese rolled in flour tortillas and topped with our special sauce. Quick to fix and loved by the whole family. Cal: 453/Fat: 33gm/Carbs: 10gm/5 Servings

White Chicken Chili: A hearty chili of white beans, chicken and onions mixed in a light mild chili sauce. Serve with French bread and salad. Cal: 256/Fat: 3gm/Carbs: 28gm/Points: 5 / 5 servings

Marsala Sage Chicken: Chicken with mushrooms and artichoke hearts tossed in a creamy Marsala wine and sage sauce. Cal: 284/Fat: 4 gm/Carbs: 12gm/Points 6/5 servings

Garlic Ginger Beef: A K2K Favorite. Tender Beef mixed in a garlic and ginger sauce. Not spicy, but full of flavor. Cal: 388/Carbs: 18gm/Fat: 18gm/Points: 9 /5 Servings

Asian Marinated Steak: An all time family favorite. Steak marinated in an Asian sesame soy sauce. Broil in oven and slice up for a quick dinner. Cal: 512/Fat: 17gm/Carbs: 43gm/Points: 12/5 servings

Mustard Crusted Pork Roast: Moist pork roast rolled in a mustard and Parmesan crust. A great Sunday dinner choice or whenever company is over. Cal: 379/Carbs: 7gm/Fat: 18gm/Points: 9 / 5 servings

Minestrone Soup: A traditional favorite loaded with lots of vegetables, Italian sausage and pasta. Can omit the sausage to make vegetarian as well. Perfect to serve with French bread for any cold December evening. Cal: 415/Fat: 17gm/Carbs: 45gm/ Points: 9 /5 servings

Pork Enchilada Suizas: Shredded pork, mild chilies and cheese are all rolled in tortillas and then topped with a cream suiza sauce and cheese. Cal: 531/Carbs:21gm/Fat: 36gm/Points: 13/ 6 Servings

Manicotti: Large manicotti shells stuffed with our spinach and ricotta stuffing then topped with marinara sauce and lots of mozzarella cheese. Cal: 652/Carbs: 70gm/Fat: 27gm/Ponts: 14/6servings

Berry Crisp: A great anytime dessert. Mixed berries topped with a brown sugar and oatmeal topping. Ready to pull out of the freezer for last minute company. Cal:565/Carbs: 98gm/Fat: 18gm/5 Servings

Baked Cheese Strata: Our best breakfast bake. A mixture of cheeses and eggs in a casserole. Great to top with salsa and serve for brunch or dinner. Cal: 557/Carbs: 11gm/Fat: 42gm/14 Points/8 servings

Mango Seafood Delight: A light but very flavorful basil and coconut milk sauce mixed with scallops, shrimp and mango chunks. Cal: 184/Carbs: 14gm/Fat: 10gm/ Points: 4 /5 servings

Taste of France Gratin: Fine herbs mixed with potatoes, spinach and cheeses to create a taste that you will always remember. Cal: 642/Carbs: 33gm/Fat: 50gm/Poins: 16/6 servings