Our menu choices offer you a wide variety of styles and flavors from around the globe to choose from.

Choose from packages of either 6, 12, or 15 exciting entrees to take home with you. Each meal feeds 4 to 6 people.

15 entrees - $220.00
12 entrees - $180.00
6 entrees - $99.00

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Wonderful rice, vegetable and potato side dishes are available. New: Fettuccini and Cabernet Orzo.
We sell bread that goes from your freezer to your oven that you can serve warm and delicious & cold press olive oil.
* Please ask about our organic options
* All entrees can be split into 2 portions

Swiss Steak:
Chunky beef mixed with onions and peppers in a light tomato based sauce. (Crock Pot Recipe)
4 servings: Cal: 336/Carbs: 19gm/Fat: 9gm/ Points: 11

Greek Chicken: White Chicken, onions and peppers in light lemon and Greek seasoning. Can be broiled or grilled and served with salad. (Outstanding and well balanced entrée)
Cal: 499/Fat: 36gm/Carb: 31gm/Points: 13/5 servings

Oven Baked Chicken: Loved by all ages. We take large chicken breasts and cover them in a Dijon mixture then top them with breadcrumb mixture.
5 Servings: Cal: 388/Fat: 13gm/Carbs:10 /Points: 9

Grilled Dijon Pork Chops: Moist, tender, marinated pork loin chops coated with light garlic mustard glaze. Ready to grill or broil in oven.

Red Chicken: A great summer marinade. Split chicken pieces marinated in a flavorful but light Chinese spice combination. Can be pulled apart and tossed with a salad or just eaten off the bone.
Cal: 446/Carbs: 16gm/Fat: 25gm/Points: 11/5 servings

Tamale Pie: Zesty Mexican beef mixed with corn, kidney beans and cheese in a creamy cornbread crust. A K2K favorite of all ages.
5 Servings: Cal: 650/Fat: 30gm/ Carbs: 56 /Points: 15

Cranberry Turkey: A quick and simple entree. Turkey marinated in a slightly sweet and spiced cranberry glaze.
5 Servings: Cal:412/ Fat: 22gm/ Carbs: 19gm / Points: 10

Cavillo Chicken: Moist chicken tenders in a smooth and slightly spicy Mexican en mole sauce made of garlic, spices, chilies and a touch of chocolate. Great to serve over rice or in warm tortillas.
5 Servings: Cal: 275/ Fat: 10gm / Carbs: 13gm / Points: 6

Curried Moroccan Beef: Juicy Beef, vegetables, and almonds in a tomato curry based sauce. Can be served over white rice or alone with a salad. (Crock Pot Recipe)
5 Servings: Cal: 292 / Carbs: 14gm/ Fat: 12gm /Points: 6

Chicken Pot Pie: A hearty dinner for a fall evening. We take lots of mixed vegetables and chicken, toss them with a creamy tangy sauce and top it with a crusty topping.
8 servings: Cal: 278/ Carbs: 21gm / Fat 14gm/ Points: 8

Veggie Enchiladas: Spinach, cheese, onions, peppers, olives and whatever you like all rolled into flour tortillas and topped with our delicious enchilada sauce and cheese.
5 Servings: Cal: 442/ Fat: 20gm / Carbs: 44gm / Points: 10

Salsa Fresca Tilapia: A light white fish mixed with tomatoes, onions and a fresh tangy salsa. Serve over rice or with a salad for a light meal.
5 Servings: Cal: 200/ Fat: 5 gm/Carbs: 15gm/Points: 4

Swiss Vegetable Chowder: Back by demand… A thick and creamy chowder full of potatoes, bacon, cheeses and vegetables. Serve with sourdough bread for a quick dinner.
Cal: 490/Carbs: 18gm/Fat: 39gm/Points:13/5 servings

Cusabi Salmon: Salmon chunks covered in a cucumber and wasabi sauce and coated with panko breadcrumbs. Great to broil in oven and serve with K2K rice pilaf.

Salsa Breakfast Bake: A great brunch or weekend breakfast entrée. Eggs and cheese mixed with salsa and mild green chilies gives this dish lots of flavor.
6 servings/Cal: 733/Carb: 84gm/Fat: 30gm/Points:17