I don’t know how to cook, is it difficult to prepare the entrees?
When you come in, we will be present to assist you and guide you through your session. It will take you maybe three minutes to become the master of the game, guaranteed.
A new chef is born!

Can I split my entrees?
Yes, you may split your entrees into 2 smaller portions that will feed 2-3 people. We do have smaller containers available for you to use.

Can I bring a guest/children to help me assemble my entrees?
Each reservation is for one person. Based on the size of the class we will try our best to accommodate you and your guest or child. Therefore calling us ahead of time will allow us to notify you if the class is full or not. Children under the age of 12 can accompany their parents only during the day sessions. We do have a seating area with TV and snacks are also available during the session.

Do I need to bring anything?
Please bring a box, laundry basket, or cooler to help you carry your entrées home in. We do provide gloves (if you chose to wear them), all the containers, Ziplocs and foil for your entrees and a snazzy apron.

How long does it take?
To prepare 6 entrees will take you right about an hour. To prepare 12 will take you 2 hours. If you choose to split your entrees, please allow some extra time for this process.

Do I need to prepay for my session?
Your prepayment is not required in advance but certainly very much appreciated. Prepayment commits you to show at your selected appointment especially for private groups.

Do I get free entrees if I bring a group?
Yes. If you bring a group of minimum six new guests (maximum fifteen), you will have three extra entrees for free!