Everything You Need to Know About the West Bend Egg Cooker

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve come across the West Bend Egg Cooker and you want to know if it’s worth getting. You’ve come to the right place.

Here we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about this little egg cooking device. We, at Kitchen2Kitchen, hope that by the end of this article, you’ll have enough knowledge about it to decide whether or not it is right for you.

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What is the West Bend Egg Cooker? 

The West Bend Egg Cooker is a small cooking device that can cook the perfect boiled, poached or scrambled eggs using only steam. When we say “small”, we literally mean small. The device is about the same size as your hand, but ironically, it can fit up to 7 jumbo eggs.

Most egg cookers can only do boiled eggs. But with the West Bend Egg Cooker, not only can you cook the perfect boiled eggs, but you can also make omelets and even poached eggs! 

In the box you get the device itself, which is basically an electric water heating pan with a clear dome-shaped lid. You also get an egg tray that sits right on top of the water pan and can hold up to 7 eggs of any size, one tray for your poached eggs (two poached eggs at a time), one tray for omelets and a water measuring cup.

At the bottom of the water measure cup is a little needle with a protective cover. Since the eggs are cooked using steam, pressure can build up inside and cause your eggs to crack. The needle lets you create a small hole on top of your eggs so that they can cook evenly without cracking.

Operating the West Bend Egg Cooker is super simple. All you need to do is place your eggs inside the device and fill up the water pan with the right amount of water. The water measuring cup has a guide on how much water you need for each type of eggs you’re cooking. 

You then press the power button and walk away. As soon as your eggs are finished, the bell rings to let you know that they’re ready. 

The West Bend Egg Cooker is powered by a 350 watt heating element that has an automatic switch-off feature. It also comes with an indicator light to let you know when the power is on. 

How Will the West Bend Egg Cooker Improve Your Egg Cooking Experience?

Boiled Eggs

To boil eggs the traditional way, you start with a pot full of water. You’ll need to wait around 10-15 minutes for the water to a boil, then carefully drop in your eggs one by one. Once the eggs are in, timing is crucial.

It normally takes around 4 minutes to get a nice soft boil, 6-8 minutes for a medium boil and around 10-12 minutes for nice and hard boiled eggs. 

Getting the perfect soft or medium boiled eggs can be tricky. This is because it only takes a few seconds for a soft boiled egg to turn into a medium boiled egg and for a medium boiled egg to harden. 

With the West Bend Egg Cooker, you eliminate most of the steps of cooking boiled eggs the traditional way. 

All you have to do is place your eggs inside the egg cooker, prick the tops so they don’t crack while cooking, fill the water pan with the right amount of water for the type of eggs you’re cooking (use the guide on the water measuring cup to know how much water to add for soft, medium and hard boiled eggs), and press the power button.

It only takes around 6 minutes to cook hard boiled eggs and less time for medium and soft boiled eggs. While it’s cooking, you can step away and wait for the alert to go off. There is no more need to stand over your eggs waiting to pull them out at the perfect time. 

With the West Bend Egg Cooker you’re not only making the process of cooking eggs much simpler, but you’re also saving a lot of precious time. 


Omelets are usually cooked in a frying pan with oil. It’s fairly quick to cook omelets but you will need a couple of pieces of cookware to get the job done. Namely a frying pan and a spatula. 

Having to clean up and wash off the oil on these cookware is what makes it a bit of a hassle. With West Bend Egg Cooker, you don’t need to use oil anymore so cleaning is much easier. 

Simply crack your eggs into the omelet pan and add in your favorite ingredients. Then fill the water heating pan with the right amount of water and push start. Wait for the beep and your omelet is ready!

Poached Eggs

Poaching eggs is the most challenging way to cook eggs. The process is long and you need to execute each step with utmost precision if you want to have perfectly poached eggs. 

You start off by boiling a pot of water. Then mix in some vinegar to keep the egg whites from spreading too thin. 

Crack your eggs into separate bowls and as your pot of water starts boiling, slowly slip in each egg into the pot. When everything is in, cover the pot, turn off the heat and let it sit there for a few minutes. 

After about 4 minutes, you can then carefully scoop them out of the pot and serve. 

With the West Bend Egg Cooker, you don’t need to have any cooking skills to get the perfect poached eggs every time. All you need to do is crack a couple of eggs into the poaching tray, add the right amount of water into the heating pan and turn on the power. 

You’ll have perfectly poached eggs in about 4 minutes! 


Why is it Worth Buying a West Bend Egg Cooker?

Quick and Convenient Cooking

The main advantage of using the West Bend Egg Cooker is that it makes cooking eggs literally as easy as one, two, three. 

All of the hard steps are bypassed and a lot of your precious time is saved. You’re also getting perfectly cooked eggs every single time. 

Small Size

The West Bend Egg Cooker measures only 6.5 x 6.5 x 6 inches and weighs 1.22 pounds. This will probably be the smallest and lightest kitchen appliance you’ll ever need.

Because of its small size and light weight, you will never have space issues if you own this device. It will also be really easy to store away in a cabinet or cupboard when it’s not in use.  

Easy to Clean

This device hardly needs to be cleaned at all. The only time cleaning is needed is when you clean the tray for poached eggs and omelets. 

The egg cooker itself just needs to be wiped down with a damp cloth every few uses. 



If you love having eggs every morning, you should definitely get yourself a West Bend Egg Cooker

The device makes cooking eggs super quick and easy. Absolutely anyone can create perfectly cooked eggs using the West Bend Egg Maker. From boiled eggs to omelets to poached eggs. 

We hope you enjoyed reading about this device.