Our menu choices offer you a wide variety of styles and flavors from around the globe to choose from.

Choose from packages of either 6, 12, or 15 exciting entrees to take home with you. Each meal feeds 4 to 6 people.

15 entrees - $210.00
12 entrees - $170.00
6 entrees - $90.00

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Chicken Supreme: A K2K favorite. Chicken breasts marinated in a flavorful sour cream base, stuffed with spinach and cheese and then topped with breadcrumbs. Serve with K2K garlic mashed potatoes for a great meal. Cal: 305/Carb: 8 gm/Fat 18gm/Points: 7

Smoked Salmon Pasta: Penne Pasta tossed with a creamy dill sauce and topped with chunks of smoked salmon and cheese. Cal: 423/Carb: 40gm/Fat 21gm/ Points: 10

Baked chicken Savoyard: Juicy split chicken mixed with mushrooms and onions in a wonderful creamy white wine sauce. Great for the crock pot or oven. Cal: 529/Carb: 6gm/Fat: 38gm / Points: 14

Mexican Pork Stew (Posole): Back by request. This soup will warm you up any evening. We take shredded pork mixed in a Mexican tomato sauce with onions and mild chilies. Serve over tortilla chips and topped with cheese.sure to please everyone. Cal: 330 / Carb: 22gm/ Fat: 11gm/Points: 7

Cashew Chicken: Tender white chicken mixed with vegetables, cashew nuts and a light oriental sauce. Cal: 440/Fat: 21 gm / Carbs: 25gm/ Points: 10

Teriyaki Grilled Pork Chops: Pork in a Teriyaki marinade with a little flare that the whole family will enjoy. Cal: 294/ Carb: 22gm / Fat: 7gm/Points: 6

Apricot Chicken: Chicken in a lightly sweet and tangy apricot sauce. A quick choice for any busy evening. Cal: 196 / Carb: 10 gm/ Fat: 3 gm / Points: 4

Moroccan Chicken: A K2K favorite. White chicken and vegetables in a flavorful, but mild tomato based sauce. Full of flavor and quick to cook. Cal: 353/Fat: 15gm/Carb: 10/8 points

Lime and Pepper Steak: A great marinade. We take a juicy cut of tritip and toss it with a lime and pepper marinade. Great to grill or barbeque any evening. Cal: 406/Carbs; 8gm/Fat 24gm/Points 10

Walnut Berry Pork Roast: A flavorful moist roast rolled in a sweet and tangy mixture and then topped with breadcrumbs. Great with rice or green salad. Cal; 294/Carb: 10gm/Fat: 15/7 Points

Mango Coffee Cake: A new morning favorite. This moist cake can be served for brunch or as a dessert. Moist and full of flavor. Cal: 170/Carb: 14gm/Fat: 10gm/ Points:4

Breakfast Casserole: Bacon, Cheese and eggs mixed in a casserole with hash browns. Can be served for breakfast lunch or dinner. Cal: 447/Fat 33gm/Carb: 22/Points 11

Thai Coconut Shrimp: Succulent shrimp mixed in our coconut milk curry sauce. You decide how spicy or mild you like it. Cal:170/Carbs: 14gm/Fat: 10gm/Points: 4

Mediterranean Meatloaf: You will love all the flavors in this exceptional meatloaf. We take Natural Beef and add lots of spice, spinach; Feta Cheese, artichoke hearts and sun dried tomatoes.Full of flavor. Cal:530/Carbs: 21gm/Fat: 33gm/Points: 13

Smoked Cheddar and Chicken Corn Chowder: A light, but filling soup that can be served for a quick meal. Chicken, corn, onions and potatoes fill this soup with lots of flavor, but leave the extra calories out. Put some garlic bread with this soup and your dinner is done!